Wednesday, September 4, 2013

12 Months: Vacation

One random picture for good measure - Paisley on her birthday
This month's video is quite possibly my worst and laziest.... Being the 12th, I'm a little bit over it, but I do love everything she does, so sorry it's so long... You'll also probably hate the song, but it's Paisley favorite right now. She can't hold back when this song comes on. Especially the chorus. She also spent a majority of this month on vacation - if you count Idaho as a vacation. ;) So, many apologies. (and look at that crazy crossed eye!) Can't. Get. Enough. Paisley.

Paisley 12 Months from Jeff Nef on Vimeo.

Video countdown: So much changes in the first year!
11 month video
10 month video (my favorite video so far)
9 month video
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7 month video
6 month video
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2 month video
1 month video

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