Saturday, March 31, 2012

We did it!

We finally started a blog. We talked about doing it months and months ago but most of the time we think we're so boring that there is nothing worth even blogging about. We're not going to commit to pumping out any definite number of blog postings per month or year, but we thought we'd try at least one post. As for the name, we thought it was cool and represented Atlanta. We wanted to edit the So-So-Def logo to be So-So-Nef, but that proved to be beyond our capabilities.

To bring everyone up to speed about our lives, here's a brief rundown. Jamie is teaching ESL or ESOL, whatever you want to call it, at our neighborhood elementary school (part of the Atlanta Public Schools system).  Jeff is attending Georgia Tech working towards a MBA. We live in Buckhead, where we manny/nanny for two girls a few times per week. We're expecting a little girl, who we're calling Paisley (at least for now), in mid-July. Jamie is 24 weeks along and will post pictures of her belly someday… when she feels like it.

The baby is becoming more real for Jeff every day, in fact, he felt Paisley kick for the first time just this past week. We're also picking up more and more baby stuff which also makes it increasingly real. Most of it has been from friends, in the form of generous donations of no longer needed items, but some new things as well.  Just today we received a friend's Newport Cottage crib (the link is not exactly it, but close), Ironman running stroller, and several toys. We're running out of space fast, but it doesn't look like we'll be moving into a bigger place until sometime after we have the baby.

We feel so blessed and thankful to have such wonderful friends and family even though it seems we never get to see them all as much as we'd like.

We're happy to put links to any friends and family's blogs but we're a little lazy to look them all up, so leave a comment with your blog and we'll put it on our side links.