Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Sugar Lump: 9 Months

getting her snack on
*This post is to cover the time from March 24th to April 24th. To be honest the months are starting to blur. I wish I had done this in real time, but I'm pretty sure I spent every day of the month of April freaking out. Standardized tests = pure evil.
crazy-eyed selfie with my babe
Paisley really started crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything this month. Since she's been born, we have basically purchased two toys for her - every thing else has been a hand-me-down (thank you to everyone who has supported P's playtime with your donations). One of them is a little walker that was probably about $10 (go big or go home!). You better believe we've forced her to get her money's worth out of it! We don't waste a penny in this house. After many failed attempts of maneuvering it she's finally gotten the hang of it and can even pull up on it now - huge feat followed by many rounds of applause. I'm still working on her medal.
summer toes
finally spring
During my luxurious Spring Break, Paisley and I ventured to Savannah to visit Aunt April. Aunt Sally, her sassy two-year old, Laney, and brand-spanking new 3 week-old, Walker, also came to visit and the six of us shared April's 1 room apartment. No, not one-bedroom. It is literally ONE ROOM! Our sweet, sweet Aunt Martha invited us to relax in her newly built home but we passed on the offer for girl time with the Aunties. Huge mistake. Let's just say Laney was very close to sleeping outside. Even with lack of sleep, we were able to pack up all of the babes and make it to the beach, though. First thing Paisley did was grab a shrimp skin and shove in into her mouth with those stealthy sausage fingers of hers. For some reason she was upset upon said shrimp skin removal, but was quickly distracted by Laney's non-stop-one-toddler-show. She basically spent the rest of our time in Savannah trying to team up with Laney, but her spotlight was not to be shared. Every time Paisley got within arm's length of Laney, Laney would say Paisley was attacking her. (I see some frivolous lawsuits in that girl's future.)
laney and paisley working hard
found something special
she was a little perturbed about the shrimp skin
beach babe or what?
soaking it all in
love my girl
a truly dedicated aunt will do anything for their babies
tiny nap - all thanks to aunt april
who doesn't love aunt april
nobody, that's who
Sweet P's hair only seems to grow in one place. Right. on. top. Which gives her a great bob with no trim needed. Her vocabulary has also expanded from just mama and dada to also include bye-bye. Which she says with a huge grin as I tow her out of daycare...

I tried to keep the video short and sweet because I get it. Enough with the videos already, right? Well here's proof that Paisley doesn't cry when she falls... most of the time... She just pretends it never happens... and sometimes dances it off.

Paisley 9 Months from Jeff Nef on Vimeo.

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that's my plan... i'm hoping to be done this week!

Tami said...

she is so cute and chubby and happy. love her!! cute video. as always.