Sunday, January 6, 2013

4 Months

Paisley turned four months old two days after I went back to teaching... Let's not talk about that, though. I'll just say, 1st year teacher + new baby = rough/idontknowwhatimdoing!

This month (end of October/beginning of November), Paisley attended her first college football game! BYU was in town playing GA Tech, so it was Jeff's undergrad vs. Jeff's graduate school. We had great seats with great friends, Paisley napped, and BYU won, so it was a pretty great day. The weather was also perfect and if you scanned the stadium you could see sections full of men in white shirts and ties. Missionaries!
Paisley on the field with the cheerleaders. Check out the policeman running up to kick her off. She's a rebel already!

She got so many compliments for her cute uniform
Enjoying the game
On Halloween, Jeff had a Big Bad Wolf costume my mom sent us, and we had a great party to attend, but Sweet P decided she didn't like sleeping through the night anymore for a few days there, so we just dressed her up and took pictures to revel in her cuteness.
Paisley also dropped by the Marchman wedding reception. Where we didn't really see her again until we left. She's quite a social butterfly. Then, she headed down to Valdosta for a week with her Nana, Pop, and tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins to smother her with attention. She also had her first taste of food. She started getting grumpy when Jeff and I would eat in front of her. Food envy. This girl. She just kills me. So we gave her a taste of a sweet potato and I wouldn't say she loved it, but I wouldn't say she hated it either!

She's also started holding her own bottle, sleeping anywhere from 11 to 12 hours at night (one night was almost 13!) She became really interested in toys and had a little growth spurt. She was eating about 7 oz. every feeding and then one day she ate 9 oz. at three feedings in a row! I could not pump enough to keep up with this hoss. She also had some trouble nursing shortly after I went back to work. Depressing. She's back at it now.

Man we love her!

This hair is the best!

How could you not love this girl!
Relaxing after dinner
Loves toys. Can't always control them.
 Those cheeks!

Video featuring the world's cutest thighs!

Paisley's 4 Month from Jeff Nef on Vimeo.

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