Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Belong With You: 6 Months

Can you tell this girl is teething? I love this ole crotchety man face!

This month seems like we have a whole new baby! How in the world is she 6 months old! I feel like I'm missing so much being at work! I can't wait to be home with her! The countdown to summer has begun!

January's Highlights:
  • has her own bedroom
  • two teeth broke through (Jan. 14th and 18th-ish)
  • sits up without falling over
  • rolls over easily
  • spins in circles
  • goes to daycare
  • sucks her thumb (she started doing it so much her little teeth made it blister)
  • bites (BITES!)
  • wears her hair in a ponytail
  • loves to hear her name and laughs at it
Here's her highlights of the past month. Basically the chorus of the song is all that applies. "I belong with you. You belong with me. You're my sweetheart," Paisley! We just can't get enough of this girl!

6 Months Old from Jeff Nef on Vimeo.

She also had a super cute photoshoot with Christina from chrisBcrazy. You can check out her full photoshoot here.

Denim jackets on babies kill me!
New yellow door - love!
She can be your valentine.
Promoting literacy. (This book CRACKS her up... if read properly.)


Unknown said...

She loves you! Come see her before she's walking!

Tami said...

yay! cousins! so cute. and that first wonky face picture is so adorable. and the one of her reading the book is to die for. you need to send it to Susan. guarantee she will print if off and frame it.

Unknown said...

i love how she thinks she can read!

Sara said...

Promoting literacy? Haha! Nice.

Sara said...

Also, I love her little blue coat with the Peter Pan collar!

Ellen said...

That little girl is so loved! This is possibly my favourite video so far! And I saw that Paisley is a model on Pinterest now for aunty ashley's shop!! She's going to take over the whole world by age 3!

by the way, Rowan kisses are rare. I was impressed!