Monday, July 1, 2013

8 Months: My Little Sack of Sugar

*Please note this actually took place from Feb 25- Mar 24.

Paisley is just so edible. I love, love, love her thick thighs and those squishy cheeks! She is our little sack of sugar that we can't stop stealing sugar from!

This month has been a little fussy - she has gotten to where she will only take about a 15-30 minute nap at daycare. Most days, she doesn't take one at all!! They say she's not fussy and just entertains herself... I'm not sure that I believe it! Sleep deprivation makes people in this family Hulk out! (Namely, me!) When we get home she nurses and crashes for a few hours. Sometimes she's only up for an hour and then she's in bed by 8. That means I only see her for about 2 hours a day. Depressing. Especially when I spend all day with other people's kids.

Well, she can say mama and dada (mostly dada, though). She's also started to say bye-bye. It's usually only when I pick her up from daycare. She's like, "Get me outta here!" She is also getting better at crawling and can pull herself up in her crib. She hasn't really mastered it anywhere else yet.

We sure do love this girl bunches and I can't wait to be home with her for good! Two more months!

Paisley 8 Months from Jeff Nef on Vimeo.

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