Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Belong With You: 6 Months

Can you tell this girl is teething? I love this ole crotchety man face!

This month seems like we have a whole new baby! How in the world is she 6 months old! I feel like I'm missing so much being at work! I can't wait to be home with her! The countdown to summer has begun!

January's Highlights:
  • has her own bedroom
  • two teeth broke through (Jan. 14th and 18th-ish)
  • sits up without falling over
  • rolls over easily
  • spins in circles
  • goes to daycare
  • sucks her thumb (she started doing it so much her little teeth made it blister)
  • bites (BITES!)
  • wears her hair in a ponytail
  • loves to hear her name and laughs at it
Here's her highlights of the past month. Basically the chorus of the song is all that applies. "I belong with you. You belong with me. You're my sweetheart," Paisley! We just can't get enough of this girl!

6 Months Old from Jeff Nef on Vimeo.

She also had a super cute photoshoot with Christina from chrisBcrazy. You can check out her full photoshoot here.

Denim jackets on babies kill me!
New yellow door - love!
She can be your valentine.
Promoting literacy. (This book CRACKS her up... if read properly.)

Sunday, February 10, 2013


After 4 years of nannying it was time to leave my little 1 bedroom tucked away in my favorite speck of Atlanta. That 700 square feet was pretty special. It was where Jeff and I first became friends. Where Katherine and I shared a bed with pregnant Jessica before an 8 am statistics class in the summer. Where Rachel, Lisa, Belen, and I wrote and recorded a song. Where Kynslie and I shared a space so she could move across the country and fall in love with my brother. Where Jeff proposed to me. Where Jeff and I lived as newlyweds. Where we lived our first year of marriage and where Paisley first came home to. Who knew you could fit so much into 700 square feet.

Thanks Devinneys for a great 4 years!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

5 Month Video

So, I totally put this video to a Christmas song... Don't judge me. It would've been Christmas if I had done this on time, like I planned. Life has been pretty hectic, so I'm really behind on keeping up with my baby documenting obsession.

December was basically a countdown to spending time with Paisley for two weeks. We flew to California for Christmas with the Nefs. Paisley was spoiled on the flight by nursing and sleeping whenever she wanted (we are normally on a strict schedule) and was a great little passenger. She made friends with a random Grandpa and the man that sat beside me said he wanted a baby just like her one day... I told him too bad... I'm not available. ;)

Paisley thought she might try to be a big girl this month and sit up on her own. She was also super pumped about eating food! She downed anything we put in her face! Girl's gotta maintain her figure somehow. 

5 month from Jeff Nef on Vimeo.