Saturday, June 30, 2012

Becoming Domesticated

So, Jeff recently bought me a little sewing machine... You know, nothing fancy. Just something to start with because I don't know how to sew. I should know how to sew. My mother is a fully capable seamstress and has made everything from curtains to prom dresses to bathing suits. I think she used to sew clothes for her Barbies to match her own and maybe even sold some clothes she made in high school... I feel like she made her wedding dress, too. Maybe I should do some research before I start spreading rumors... The Point: She's good. I was too impatient to learn.

My little beginner sewer
Well, here I was with my new little machine, so I decided I wanted to make a simple dress for my almost-here baby girl. I enlisted the help of Mrs. Claudia Jane Zimmerman - Mother of one of my favorite people, Lisa. She takes pretty good care of Jeff and me since our mothers are away (feeds us WAY too much, sits with us at church, gives tons of advice, and could tell us stories for days!).

CJ had tons of patterns for me to choose from and I selected this little vintage number (circa 1970):

I love how short the dresses are and that the little redhead looks like a baby Lisa!
Poor CJ didn't know what she was getting herself into with me. I am a very slow sewer.... This was my project that she was overseeing, but there were a few steps she did for time's sake (ruffles on the collar and adding a zipper - maybe another thing or two). I told her she would need to be patient with me, but man did that dress have a million steps!!!! (I do think I mastered the serger, though.)

Well, this is what we ended up with (she would say it was all me, but I honestly can't take all of the credit):

We didn't end up using my new little machine. We used Claudia's classic Bernina (basically top of the line sewing machine) and serger. I am pretty proud of my our cute little pink dress, though!

Another nesting project (since we don't have a nursery to decorate - man I wish we did!!) I've taken up is bow making. I mean I am from South Georgia, so this little girl will not be seen without a bow in her hair. I tried a few different techniques, but I think I like the pinwheel bow the best. I still want to make a huge southern one with some ribbon about 3 inches wide! I just need to find the ribbon. Here are a few of the bows I've made so far. I just used ribbon and felt that I had and then some ribbon that came on some gifts to get started.

My friend Rachel gifted me one of her precious headbands with a tuxedo bow like this which inspired me to get crafting!

Now I just need to attach the clips and make the elastic headbands. The headbands will have a small band of ribbon around them so I can clip bows onto them. Well, that's all of my craftiness as of late! Feel free to send any unwanted bows, ribbon, or fabric my way. I love charitable donations!