Monday, March 18, 2013

7 months: Yes to Love!

How could you say no to that face?
Every month gets more and more fun with Sweet P. It also means I am getting closer and closer to being home with our chunky little monkey!

My students gave P a mustache.
Nobody's saying she's perfect, but we're basically saying she's perfect. I mean we can, can't we? She's ours right? We aren't biased or anything. We just know a good thing when we see it. This month might be the perfect month. She's got personality - says, "Dada!" when I say, "Say Mama!" Laughs at almost anything we do. Tries to sing along with me. Thinks bath time is the most exciting thing ever! She's also at the age where she can't run away or get into everything, and every moment is the sweetest. She's even stopped biting!! This is HUGE! I was scared for my personal safety for a minute there. She loves holding hands and has started to get really snugly - Especially at night. She loves to be rocked while she sucks her thumb before we put her down until we see her the next day. For me this isn't until almost 4!!

Cruisin around Costco
I've also been teaching her how to give kisses. She's VERY selective on when she gives them and how many, but when she does, she leans right in and gives the sweetest, sloppiest kisses you could ever imagine! The fact that they are so rare makes them pure magic!

Don't let her fool you - She can read, too!
This being the best month also led to one of the scariest days. Sometime this month, Atlanta was warned about an impending tornado. We were rushed from school and I hurried to get Paisley. At home the power went off and on before finally shutting off until about 11 pm. Pretty soon after, we heard the scariest noise you could hear upstairs whilst quietly tucked into your bed. A loud crash, like a slamming door. I promptly checked Paisley's monitor. She didn't even flinch. Jeff checked the house and confirmed everything was in order. We had trouble sleeping during that cold, stormy night. It was about 32 degrees or so outside.

The next morning, around 8 am, Jeff went to wake up our sleeping beauty, only to find that the stormy night had blown open the door leading to the outside from Paisley's room. Poor thing was frozen! And she slept through the whole thing! She survived and wasn't even sick, but I know I felt horrible. I usually creep into her room a few times before bed and a few times before I leave in the morning. This was the one time I didn't. This was the one time something ridiculously random happened. I could not even believe it. She's a tough little nugget!

I'm pretty sure this was soon after "the almost-freezing"
Ladies don't put their knees on the ground
Nana came to visit!
My little twin!

Here's a little video that highlights my stellar parenting skills with a little game of neck breaking giddy-up. Between becoming half-frozen and mommy's dangerous games it's a miracle she's on her way to month 8!

Untitled from Jeff Nef on Vimeo.