Friday, April 20, 2012

Foul Ball Catch

Wednesday April 18 2012 was my lucky day. No, I didn't win the lottery. Thanks to Kyle, I got a great seat at the Braves game for free and then caught a foul ball!! Just how lucky is that? According to the first website I found while googling the odds of catching a foul ball, the chances are .12%. Not even close to a 1% chance. If you factor in the odds of someone catching a foul ball in a seat they got as a free ticket, I'm sure the chances are even smaller. This could possibly be as lucky as I'll ever get. 

We were sitting in section 208, row 1, which basically means this was our view of the field...
 I forgot to bring the camera to the game and my cell phone doesn't take very good photos so I just used the stock photo from the braves website. The game was MLB's game of the day which means its archived on their website. So I tried to find a good way to record the stream, but finally resorted to just filming the stream with our point and shoot camera. Here's the video. Basically you see the batter hit the ball, hear the crowd cheer, and then they show my catch. The announcers were pretty cool too so have the volume on. The very next pitch Ike Davis hits a home run, I left that in just for friend who is a Mets fan. The braves ended up winning the game 14-6.

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Greg said...

Awesome how often do you get a replay of the foul ball being caught in the stands. Nicely done Jeff.