Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello, Baby!

Have you read The Hunger Games? Oh, you have! And you saw the movie and cried and loved it! Me too!! (Actually I'm lying... I didn't cry or love the movie... but I'll tell you what I did love. Liam Hemsworth!)

Honestly, he wasn't that amazing looking in the movie... I prefer him with a bit of scruff. For example, this face!:

I mean have you met my husband? I like a man with a beard! (See what I'm saying?) And recently people have been comparing my Brawny Man husband to Liam. Let me tell you something, I don't hate it!

Anyways, back to Liam... Well, being a huge fan of the books, Jeff told me about an event that was happening at the mall near us. There was a meet and greet with about 5 cast members and Liam was one of them! My sister-in-law/bff Kynslie (also loved the books - who doesn't?) just so happened to be coming for a little visit the very same day. So, after a day of filling young minds with knowledge we headed over to Lenox Square for some face time with Liam.

We were a bit confused as to what was happening because there were a trillion people outside the Microsoft store. There was also a tent outside with the local radio station truck and a small crowd gathering. We found out that the meet-n-greet was going down at that very moment in the Microsoft store and that you had to have been there in the morning to get a wristband to go... Nobody told us! The tent was for a Q&A session after the meet and greet.

We were slightly bummed (Kyns may have cried for a second... until she got these free posters) and just propped up on some guard rail near the tent. We thought maybe we'd see them come in or something. We stood there for a while and people started to pack in around us. After an hour or so a black SUV finally pulled in right in front of us. It was the cute little actress who played Rue (she nailed Rue btw). She got out and went to the stage... Then came the girl who played Glimmer. Same routine. Nothing spectacular. We were thinking of leaving because it was so uneventful.

Just then a third SUV pulled up and it was carrying Liam. The beautiful handsome statuesque pulchritudinous (seriously this is a word?), Liam. He stepped out and that's when things started to get out of hand...

SIDE NOTE: Let me just say that as I relayed this story to my husband, I could feel the fire in my cheeks the entire time. I'm actually pretty ashamed to share what happened next....

At first we thought he would just walk the carpet to the stage with the girls, but then we realized he was coming toward us. This is when we turned into prepubescent girls. I was holding both of our posters and Kyns had the camera. As he started to walk towards us (looking RIGHT at us!!!!! - my heart is pounding thinking about it) my hand became it's own entity entirely and began waving him over. Literally waving. Waving him towards us. In the air. Like I was causing his approach. Worst of all, people could see me.

When I realized I was a freak I turned to Kynslie and noticed she was completely frozen, wide-eyed, open-mouthed holding the camera! I screamed at her to take a picture (which is the first one in this post - just delicious!). I also got her to take one of me leaning over with him in the background... Not flattering at all!!

Then all of the sudden it was our turn to share his air. His delicious air. And you know what I did? I mean really? You cannot imagine because you would never be so weird, awkward, creepy, and childish. You wouldn't. I held my small belly (which looked more fat than pregnant), stood on my tippy toes, and placed it on the guard rail and said, "My unborn child wants you to rub my belly." REALLY!!! REALLY? THAT'S WHAT I SAID!!!!! THOSE WERE THE WORDS I CHOSE?! I thought my mother raised me better than that. I guess not. I am just a loser who says weird things to celebrities.

He totally ignored me while he signed one of our posters (I geniusly forgot to give him the other one). I felt my face go completely flush and looked at Kynslie; pleading her to kill me! I was mortified! But then Beautiful Liam redeemed the situation when he said (in his Australian accent), "You're unborn child? HELLO, BABY!" I mean he shouted it. He shouted it to let everyone know he was talking to my baby. MY baby!

That was all I needed. (Just look at that face.)


ChrisBCrazy said...

this made me so happy to read. and so jealous. i'm glad i'm not the only nut out there in this world!

Tami said...

hahahaha. good story. i don't blame you. he is hot. and yeah i can see the jeff resemblance. though, now that seems weird - like i'm calling my bro in law hot. which i'm not. cuz that would be weird. lol.

taryn said...

OH MY GOSH! seriously!? he didn't accept your offer to rub your belly? he totally missed out! i love that you have a blog :) xxx miss you!!!

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Lyndel said...

i love you jamie and i definitely laughed out loud alot, at you, while I read this.