Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby, Baby, Baby, Oooooooo

Remember that time I wanted to see what Jeff and I would look like melded together into a baby? If you've forgotten, here's a little reminder. I mean look at that 5-head! Huge! And whose complexion is that?
Luckily, this is what we actually look like:
We went for a 3D/4D ultrasound today. I'm not sure I would recommend them. Jeff says we should just wait a few weeks and see the real thing for free... I think I would have to agree. I wanted to do it at least once though, so here she is! Now who does she look like? I think it looks just like the sample pictures I've seen of other 3D ultrasounds, but she is pretty dang cute!

Every time I've tried to have an ultrasound this little babe hides her face. She completely had her back turned to us today and when we could finally see her face she covered it with her hands! I guess she's camera shy... She definitely did not get that from me!

I had to jump and dance around for a while so she would move, and Jeff tried talking to her. He's convinced that she loves to be around him and starts kicking when I get home from work because she missed him all day. (She really does move the most when it's just the two of us at home...)

When we finally saw her face she looked a bit like Voldemort. Then, they showed us her hair and those flared nostrils... So, I'm basically going to have a hairy, big-nosed, Voldemort baby! But we still love her and of course we think she's just perfect!

Oh and she smiled! That precious smile! I just love it!
Baby Voldemort

I hope this video works. It's her smiling!


Jeff Nef said...

Remember when you went on spring break without me for a few days and she stopped kicking until you got back home to me... Proof right there! She already loves to be around me!

Ellen said...

Eek! Okay this just makes me even more excited!! Look at that real little mini Jeff/Jamie in there!! I love her!