Thursday, June 20, 2013

Year in review (2012)

2012 will definitely go down in the books for us. The year started off with me sickly pregnant and hoping desperately that I would find a job. Just as luck was running out, I was called in for an interview with the elementary school I did my student teaching at. Garden Hills Elementary - basically a dream school with the sweetest kids I've ever seen, an amazing principal and assistant principal, and hard-working staff. There were 11 student teachers there that fall so I wasn't sure what I was up against. Turns out I was the only one interviewed and was hired to teach ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), which I love! I'm thinking I got really lucky on that one!
The same day I started, Jeff and I were asked to do an interview about our marriage in the Atlanta Temple and what it means for us and our family. It was broadcast on a local religious station... We have yet too see it... I'm not sure that we want to.
That summer was also a busy nesting time for us. I spent a lot of time making bows and trying to get baby things ready and Jeff went out to find an internship and took summer classes. He worked all summer for Booz Allen Hamilton (eventually he was lucky enough to continue his summer internship into the fall as well).
Then July hit and the anticipation, heat, and humidity became unbearable! Paisley Sue showed up late - just a week before school started, and my "maternity" leave was blazing by. Panic set in and exhaustion did not let up so I asked to extend my 6 weeks to 12. It was approved!
After I had to head back to work, Jeff made the decision to end his internship and spend a little time at home with Paisley. Seriously, could he be a cuter dad?
He was also able to secure a job offer with Booz Allen, which would start in January 2013, after he graduated with his MBA from Georgia Tech in December.
Poor 2013's got nothing on 2012.
Except thay, after May, it will be the year of the stay-at-home-mom...

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