Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thanksgiving (2012)

This was Jeff's first Thanksgiving with my family. It's been so long since Thanksgiving and my post-natal brain is über forgetful (does it ever come back or am I doomed to daily lists that I already forget to make?).

So here's the rundown... We hit up two weddings in one day. Both were so precious. I'm a sucker for a wedding reception! One had a hot chocolate bar and the other had multiple cakes! Delish! Both brides were gorgeous and both grooms knew they had seriously lucked out! (Congrats to Kyle and Nikki Marchman and Brittany and Jacob McCollough!)

After that Paisley and I headed to Valdosta with my mom and Aunt Kyns and Uncle Tay, fresh in from the frozen tundra of Idaho. We basically ate the week away. I don't even know what else we did...
Wait I do recall all of the girls wanting to go see Breaking Dawn and then finding out that all of the boys wanted to go too... Except Jeff. So he was dragged to see a movie with a computerized baby as the star.

We also headed to the wee little town of Statesboro, GA to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Lane Clan. I'm pretty sure we had the largest group sweet Aunt Betty had ever packed into her Sugar House. Jeff was slightly disappointed there weren't any mashed potatoes, but there was a brisket and when there's brisket you shouldn't have much to complain about.

Oh and before I forget, my poor little bladder almost didn't make it to Statesboro. We had to stop with only about 5 minutes left - 5 MINUTES! for a roadside restroom break. Needless to say Kynslie thought it would be funny to capture my moment of grace and when I started laughing, my boots fell victim to backsplash. Then, when we got out of the car after the 4 hour ride with a fussing, teething baby whom I also forgot diapers for, I also realized I was hugging everyone with a wet shirt because my chest had sprung a leak. Oh, the post-partum adventures!

So how did we end the day? With a family photoshoot, of course!

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