Monday, September 17, 2012

A Sweet Blessing

When we were in California in June, Jeff's parents made arrangements to come visit us in August so they could meet Sweet P. We had considered having her baby blessing the weekend of their visit since most of my siblings wouldn't be coming back to Atlanta anyways (they would have just been here for my little brother's wedding). This way we would just have both sets of our parents there and that would be that.

Then, we found out that Jeff's sweet Grandma Finlayson was trying to surprise us and fly out, too! She needed a flying companion, so one of Jeff's brothers was going to come with her. Then, another brother decided to come, too (the soon-to-be-lawyer had to stay home and start school - We missed you, Andrew!). Then, Melanie, Jeff's sister, also got to come!! We also found out that Jeff's Uncle Rick and 3 of his five children (Henry, Emma, and Thomas) wanted to join in on the party as well, so we definitely had to have a baby blessing with all of this family running around.

Emma, Henry, Melanie, and Brent

I do have to say that this was only 3 weeks after Paisley was born and I know I was slightly tired and irritable... and by slightly, I mean extremely. We were pretty boring and lazy hosts. I mean, can you blame us?! We didn't do much, but we did squeeze in some time for the laser and fireworks show at Stone Mountain. It was great! We had about a mile hike, sat right up front on wet grass, had tons of snacks, and put our fingers in Paisley's ears during the fireworks!

The last picture was right before Brent was told to get down - apparently we don't read signs.
Brent, Greg, Melanie, Jeff, and I also made a short trip downtown (because Brent can't sit still for too long or his head will explode!) and walked around Centennial Olympic Park and the CNN Center. The most exciting thing was watching these kids play in the fountain. They were relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day... Or should I say bidet...

They were spraying girls with this technique. Pretty impressive.
On Sunday, right as they were announcing the Nef baby blessing, I was mouthing to the Bishopric that Jeff's dad wasn't there yet. They started to say we would do the blessing later, but just then the door flung open, all of our heads turned, and there was Grandpa Dennis - ready for action! Whew... it was a close one!

Four Generations
The difficult task of taking pictures with my dad...
Paisley had quite a circle of men around her. There were her grandpas: Dennis and Lane, uncles: Brent and Greg, her dad: Jeff, and his friends: Joe Smith, Mike Beaver, Adam Hardin, and Andre Abamonte. They could barely all fit up front. Jeff gave her a sweet blessing and then we went and ate fried chicken and  had a giant chocolate cake to celebrate Thomas's birthday!

The Nefs and Finlaysons (see if you can find Henry)

P.S. We really missed you, Tami, Ellen, Ashley, and the kids!!!!


Tami said...

i am most sad that i missed the kids washing their butts in the fountain. :(

The Carrells said...

Next time- let the Carrells know! We might surprise you!