Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kyns!

This weekend had a relaxing start - pre-natal massage!!!! (Thank you, Jessica, Nicole, Brittany, and Katherine!) It was heavenly!

Then, I waited for Jeffie to come home from work so we could start our secret trek to Savannah. He was hungry, though, so we had to stop off at The Boardwalk for some burgers (comparable to Five Guys, but I think they are actually better - the fries are WAY better to me at least. Oh and they have funnel cake fries! YUM!).

After our tums were satisfied we got on the freakishly trafficless road to go surprise Kynslie for her birthday! Earlier in the week I told her we couldn't come because of our multiple commitments for the weekend. I called to wish her a happy birthday "since we couldn't come" to throw her off. Oh and to just wish her a happy birthday, too. April was told the plan days earlier and decided that she should tell Taylor the day of. This was scary because he is notorious for his HUGE MOUTH!!! (Sidenote: Never tell Taylor Giddens something you don't want repeated!).

Surprisingly, he was able to keep it to himself all day!! When we were getting closer I texted to tell him and he inconspicuously unlocked the door (really he just looked like a weirdo "checking" the mail at almost midnight). At 11:50pm we pulled up, snuck up the driveway, and busted through the door shouting, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!"
The cute donut cake we missed!
This should have been such an amazing moment that Kynslie cried with tears of joy. Unfortunately, they live in the ghetto. Like a neighbor has been killed and there are drug deals ghetto, so Kynslie immediately jumped back into the fetal position and teared up because she thought they were going to be murdered! But then she realized it was us and she was pumped!
After she dried up the tears
While we were there we went to the beach at Tybee Island, ate way too much deliciousness, strolled around Isle of Hope, battled it out to Kinect Just Dance, watched some movies, and walked down River Street. All in all, it was a nice relaxing weekend (especially being able to sleep in a king sized bed with this uncomfortable bod! Thanks April!) Oh and did I mention we bought a bed on Friday, too? It's been an exciting weekend.
Just a dream home. You know. Nothing special.
Isle of Hope stroll - we obviously showered and did our hair....
Who doesn't want to live on W Bluff Dr, Savannah, GA?
Our next adventure is to head to California to visit the Nefs! We can't wait to see everyone and meet our precious new nephew, Joshua!! 

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