Friday, April 6, 2012

Growing a human is hard work

Let me just preface this post with stating that I am a baby. An enabled baby. Whenever I'm sick I turn into an invalid. Growing up, I would be doted on by a loving mother with all the meds and purple Gatorade you could want. Now, I have a hunky husband to take care of me... There's just one thing... He rarely gets sick and he's definitely never been pregnant, so empathy is not his strong suit. (He did take care of me through a week of strep throat and even risked his life to get me some purple Gatorade in the icy Atlanta streets while we were dating, so I knew he could handle a pregnant me.)

During my first trimester I'm sure I was exhausting with constant complaints about non-stop nausea and fatigue. I was also slightly emotional... and by slightly I mean I could cry if Jeff didn't look me the right way. So I basically spent 3 months in tears over trivial things.

The second trimester has been much more forgiving. The crying has gone back to its usual rarity (I didn't even cry during The Hunger Games! I thought for sure I would. I think I was too hot...). I don't wake up in a terror thinking I'm going to wet the bed, and, most importantly, I can stay awake throughout the day. My principal (and students) really appreciate that!

That belly!
Here are a few ways things have been achanging around here:
  • More
    • tinkle trips to the bathroom
    • desire to eat
    • body - just body in general
    • hair! lots of tangled-mangled hair!
    • weird, weird dreams..........
    • water in my body (makes my ankles look like they are sprained!)
    • bloody noses - not horrific, but i've never really had them before
    • aches and pains
  • Less
    • shaving my legs (is that normal? I love it!)
    • breathing - my lungs are not loving the hostile takeover
    • SLEEP!!!! 
All in all, it hasn't been too rough (no throwing up) and hopefully it will all be downhill from here... I mean everything up until the actually birth! And about us getting started pretty quickly... Well, I'm a little obsessed with kids and Jeff wants at least 10 so it seemed like we needed to. Can you imagine all those little Nef-ers running around?!

Side-note: I'm going to be a bridesmaid in about a month... A rotund 7-months-pregnant bridesmaid! (This picture just reminded me of how engorged gorgeous I'll be...)


Dru Clegg said...

no worries. my sister was 8.7 months pregnant at my wedding and was still super cute... even though she felt ridiculous. Finding the dress was difficult, but... stretchy fabric did its job:

Tami said...

ahh. this does not make me nostalgic. i was such an emotional basket case with the last pregnancy. i cried non stop throughout the whole thing. and yes, my leg hair growth slowed way down (weird) but the hair on my head got crazy thick. :) can't wait to see you guys with your army of little Nef'ers.

Sara said...
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Sara said...
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Sara said...

So look. This blog is pretty and all, but it's really hard to read. Can you change to Arial or Garamond or Century Schoolbook or something???

K, thanks. LYLAS! :)

Jeff Nef said...

I thought it was hard to read too... Jamie changed it and made it a little better than it was before though.

Also, I was thinking they would be Neflings instead of Nef-ers.

Unknown said...

Dru, you sister does look super cute! My dress is not stretchy unfortunately... and it's quite bright. I'll be ok though.

And they're Nef'ers!

Sara, I'll see what I can do for you...............

Noemi said...

Neefer! hahaha!!!!
u look sooo cute btw!